Friday, January 11, 2013

Forward Motion

So I recently just did an overhaul for the new year and updated most of my social networking sites -- including this! I'm going to attempt to be more interactive with all of this. Key work being attempt. I suck at blogging -- I'm the first to admit it -- so I don't know how good I'll be about blogging. Most likely you'll see the most updates on my tumblr and twitter.

For any of you who followed me while I posted stories on, this post is mostly directed towards you.

First off I want to say how grateful I am to all those that have read my stories and left reviews, favorited, or sent me messages about them. I am always happy to hear from fans. I know a lot of stories have been posted over the years on FP and most of those are either unfinished, one-shots, or the first book in a series (which was never finished). So there are a lot of stories people are waiting to see finished or continued.

Regretfully, I must say that with my current workload, I just don't have time to sort out ALL of those stories. That isn't to say that some aren't still on the back burner, but I have other stories that take priority and creative juices. For those that would like to follow a free story, I do have one posted on tumblr. I'll warn you though, that one will be updated sporadically. It is a story I'll work on in between my other manuscripts.

I am terribly sorry to all those that followed my stories, but I want to assure you some have not been forgotten and are in either current works of being revamped or will eventually be. Just so no one is left guessing, I'll address my most popular stories.

First off, Kingdom Come. By far one of my most popular stories and one I hold close to my heart. This one is need of some serious -- and I stress serious -- overhauling. Characters need to be fleshed out. Plot holes need to be filled. Details need to be covered. And just the editing, my God. It's a full time job. I haven't had the energy nor the desire to approach it just yet. I plan to. I plan on reworking the story (keeping all the original characters), possibly turning into a stand alone instead of a trilogy. But it's a big project and like I said, I haven't been up to it quite yet.

Sentinel/War Cry has definitely not been forgotten and I'm happy to say I'm working on the prequel series (posted under the title Age of Anima [which has been removed]). I have finished the 1st drafft of the manuscript and have begun to edit it. The prequel explains the world that Sebastian and Eben lives in and sets the back story that will eventually lead up to their tale. So that is definitely in the works and please, please, keep checking back to find out more about it. I know you'll love the characters from the prequel as much as you love Sebastian and Eben. I expand on the world and you learn things that work so horribly glossed over in the previous story.

Chasing August/Seattle Rain these stories and their characters are special to my heart. They are the first ones I had posted on FP and I love them to pieces, but in the end... I'm just not going to continue or come back to it. I have no desire to. I've tried, I swear I have. But I lost inspiration and whenever I come to it in an attempt to rewrite Ashley and Beau's tale, I just hit a wall. I'm not a big fan of writing contemporaries and I really don't want to work on one. I'm sorry, really... but this one is done.

Monster & Ainsley & Anna will be reworked at some point, I just don't know when. I like them both and while I don't like doing contemporaries, I feel a desire to see these ones through. I just haven't figured out when.

God of the Machine/Deus ex Machina will be continued eventually. It is too big and too complicated, so I need to go back and do some serious overhaul, just like in Kingdom Come. I haven't been up to it and other projects have taken priority. Keep looking back though because it will be continued.

If there are any stories that you have questions about please feel free to e-mail, message, or comment and ask. I'll answer all the questions you have. Once again I am sorry to all my fans who were reading those stories. I hope you understand and keep looking back to find out what I'm doing next! Thanks for reading!


  1. hello, just got finished reading Sentinel on your fictionpress site ( I loved to story) and was reading your blog and it was talking about Sentinel/War Cry and a possible prequel. just wondering if the story war cry is out to read or if it is something you are still currently working on...cant wait to read more of your stories

  2. I came across "Last Christmas" and I loved it. You had the love, the sadness, hurt and the flirty female friend all rolled into one neat package. As you said, you are swamped with other work, but yes I'd love for some more works to be published with Stephen showing back up causing some angst and jealousy and maybe some plotting of revenge with all the love, sex, flirty female friend, drooling Shar Pei all mixed in. But....another fluffy happy ending though. Life kind of sucks enough in general and stories like yours makes slipping into ebook land something to look forward to. :)