Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!

So I've spent the night carting kiddies around to collect candy and dishing out some candy myself. After all the festivities and a major case of sweet tooth, I've churned out a new publicity stunt -- eer I mean story!

In honor of the holiday I've started a horror story, which I'll be updating on my Tumblr account twice a month. Check it out and follow it, then check out my story available for purchase The Hunting Moon another grizzly horror/urban fantasy!

Cotton suffers from chronic nightmares. Just as he thought his and Esteban's life would settle into a peaceful normalcy, he finds that their quiet home holds dark secrets. Someone or something is out to get them. If Cotton wants to put an end to the nightmares, he and Esteban are going to have to put to rest the spirits that haunt their home.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Okay, so I've lacked majorly in updating this thing. This was why I never kept a journal when I was a kid. I always forgot to write in it.

So to give everyone (you nonexistent chickadees out there) a quick overview of how my months have been so far: CRAZY.

I've had a book release, finished two novels and begun the process of editing one, still hammering out the first draft for the other, and finishing up a third. As well as inserting about a million book ideas in between that. I finally got smart and bought some journals to track my ideas.

Writing Tip: Keep paper on you, whether loose, a notepad, or a journal. When those ideas hit, JOT THEM DOWN!

In between that I've been balancing family life and writing, I've barely had time to collect my thoughts and key them in

As an apology, here is an excerpt from my published novel THE HUNTING MOON