Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex

So I just finished a sex scene for the new manuscript I'm working on. I was really nervous as I grew closer to the scene. It dawned on me as soon as I set the scene up that it had been a long time since I had written a heterosexual sex scene.

What does that say?

Is gay sex really that different from straight? (Ignoring the obvious parts used). It all is based on an emotional/physical connection. The same emotions and pleasure apply. Yet when I got to that scene I found myself thinking "okay, now what?". There were even a few minutes where I had to go back and rewrite because women don't/can't do that!

It was almost pathetic... okay very pathetic. I'm a woman and I had issues! My world has been filled with so many men humping like rabbits that I've begun to neglect the women!

Maybe I should write some more straight stories?

For the last few days this has been me:

I'm glad to be finished, but I'm wondering if it turned out okay. That and I'm leading into another scene so... back to square one.

Gay sex vs. Straight sex.

Which one is harder to write?

Maybe it's the mood music... should I turn on some Barry White?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Thanks Everyone!

I'm glad so many people took part in the Hop Against Homophobia! It's really great to see so many people standing up and taking a stand.

The winner of the raffle is..... drum roll please~!!

Qbee2! Congratulations dearie!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hop Against Homophobia!

Well I’m so late it isn’t even funny. This should have been out this morning. Whoops, my bad. That’s okay though, I’m getting it out now. I really struggled with what to write for this. In a time when homophobia and gay rights is at the tip of everyone’s tongues, what is there to say? I personally have not felt the heartache of homophobia, though I have seen the pain it can cause. There are moments when I wonder if people forget that in the end we’re all the same. We all just want to be loved and to give love in return, so why does it matter what ethnicity or gender that person is?

I can remember when I was younger watching Will & Grace with my mom. It took me forever to understand what it was about. As a teenager I read a lot of coming out novels. Alex Sanchez’s Rainbow Boys was one of my favorite series. But as I got older and found my own calling in writing I realized that I wanted to create a story that helped fight against homophobia. I wanted to create a character that faced challenges not because he was gay, but that he just happened to be gay and had challenges to face. Theo became that character, someone who is not defined by their sexuality but by their actions.

Right now things are shaky in the world. Hatred is spelled out callously on church signs and posted on Facebook. We can’t forget that no matter what side we’re on, whether supporting or not, we are all entitle to our opinions and should open our minds. It is not about telling a person their wrong, but about showing that while they may not agree they do NOT have to be belligerent. There is a difference between being non-accepting and being prejudice.

My best friend and I constantly bash heads, but in the end we both accept that we have different stances. She does not support gay rights while I on the other hand am a firm supporter. Her views are derived from her religious beliefs, while I stand under the belief that love is love. Despite what she believes though, she has never once been cruel or hateful. While she doesn’t agree, she still treats everyone with the same decency she expects to be treated with.
Hop Against Homophobia is about taking a stance and showing that we don’t have to be hateful. Over 250 authors have band together to spread to word through the 20th. As an author of LGBT, it is my duty to use my voice to spread the world. As readers, it is your job to do the same. We all need to band together and teach the world that in the end, all you need is love~!

So now here’s a chance for you to jump in and show your support. Bounce around and check out other blogs. Don’t forget to like Hop Against Homophobia’s Facebook.

Show your support by winning this awesome tote. And what’s a tote without goodies? See where Theo started with a e-book copy of The Hunting Moon. Here’s how to win (winner will be announced Monday the 21st):
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