Wednesday, March 2, 2011

California is a long way...

So I've just gotten back from a weekend romp on the west coast.  Originally it was suppose to be a vacation where I could recharge my batteries and indulge in a little sex fantasy.  Somehow it went from that to something very stressful and lacking in the fantasy department.  I think my characters have a better sex life than I do.

How pathetic is that?

So my very first note of advice for all you readers out there (here by dubbed chickadees): California is a long way to go to get sex.

I guess to say in my defense, I was also trying to figure out if a relationship could work.  That's a giant NO.  Who would have thought an author and a theater tech wouldn't work? Then again, if you don't have imagination in the bedroom, it's never going to work.  At least for this particular author.  Boring doesn't even begin to describe it.

I won't touch on the dreary weather that Cali produced for me.  The sunshine that I was told about, that I always hear about, some how escaped me.  So this woman came back to humble Ohio with nothing more then some great plot bunnies for her next novel.

When all else fails in life, turn to plotting.  It definitely helps.  I covered some serious outlining and worked out the major key points for my next novel.  And I guess thanks to the lack of sex, I was able to fantasies about new things to use for my characters.  So when life gives you lemons, turn them into a juicy love scene!

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